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Welcome to the home page of the English Primary Schools Chess Association website.

For member associations, EPSCA organises Under 9, Under 11 and Girls’ team championships, with teams of 12 or 20 players. Details on the Team Championship page.

For schools across the country, EPSCA organises the very popular three stage “National Primary School Chess Team Championship”. Details on the NPSCC page. Download the 2018 entry form here.

For players who are good enough, EPSCA runs an England Under 11 team and an England Girls Under 11 team. Team selection details are on the England teams page.

Other information about EPSCA, including a list of member associations and current council members, can be found on the About page. The links on the right may help you find what you are intereseted in.

News and updates

29 January
Names of prizewinners from the EPSCA rapidplay
Names of prizewinners from each section of the EPSCA rapidplay, held in Liverpool on 21 January have now been included on the results page.
EPSCA rapidplay results.

22 January
Results from 2017 pre trial tournaments up to EPSCA Rapidplay
Pre-trial results, including the English closed at Nottingham, the Rapidplay at Leeds, London Junior Championship and EPSCA Rapidplay are now available.
Pre trial results spreadsheet.

13 January
Inter-Association championship entries for 2017
Names of teams entering each of the U11 and U9 zones and Girls U11 final for the 2017 Inter-Association championships are on the Team championship page.


15 November
Results from 2017 pre trial tournaments up to Leeds Rapidplay
2017 pre-trial results, including both the English closed at Nottingham and the Rapidplay at Leeds, are now available.
Pre trial results spreadsheet.

7 November
EPSCA rapidplay
Details of the EPSCA rapidplay competition can be found on the forthcoming page.

2 November
Inter-Association championship dates for the 2018 season
Dates for the 2018 under 9, girls under 11 and under 11 championships are now included on both the dates page and Team championship page.

22 September
Dates for the NPSCC semi-finals and finals for the 2017 season are now included on both the dates page and the NPSCC page.

A list of the pre-trial qualifying events for the 2017 England U11 team trials has also been included. Dates page.

11 June
England v Wales
It was busy at Monmouth school last weekend as teams of players from Wales, and different parts of England met across the board.
Details on the Results page.

19 May
National Primary Schools Chess Championship page
An NPSCC page has now been added. It provides news, updates and information related to the National Primary School Chess Championship. Details for this season can now be found there.

19 May
Inter-Association Team Championship page
A separate page has also been set up to provide a source of news, updates and information for the Inter-Association Team Championship. As with the NPSCC page, it includes news and updates for this season’s events.

4 May
Results from the 2016 EPSCA England Under 11 Team trial
The trial for the 2016 EPSCA England Under 11 team was held on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 April. The results have now been published and are available here. Those who succeeded are shown in bold on the spreadsheet.

4 March
Pre-trial results for the Under 11 team trial 2016
Pre-trial results for the 2016 EPSCA Under 11 team trials have been updated to include results from Swindon.

Nancy Mortimer (26 Feb. 1943 – 27 Dec. 2015)
Laurie Winston writes:

“The chess community will be saddened to hear of the passing of Nancy Mortimer after a long fight against illness. I asked her partner, Victor Cross, for some information about her life and her contribution to junior chess. I had a daughter in the EPSCA Girls Under 11 team and I worked with Nancy on the EPSCA council for many years so I was aware that we owed her a massive debt. However, she achieved far more than I had realised. I found Victor’s paragraph fascinating and inspiring and I hope you do too.”
Here it is.